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About Us

QuestCS is more than just a name, it characterizes our constant reach for superior quality, and a reputation for excellence in serving our clients as an industry leader throughout the United States.

QuestCS is very proud to be a Certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) for many years.  This certification allows QuestCS to be recognized by Corporations and Government Agencies to participate in their supplier diversity programs.

Our Excellence is Your Confidence.

Our reputation for staying on top of compliancy requirements and adhering to the strictest privacy policies allows our clients to breathe easy, with the confidence we are protecting you and the identity and privacy of your clients.

We have deep experience working with a vast variety of insurance companies, law firms and healthcare institutions that archive their records at multiple locations. QuestCS focuses on accuracy and makes sure only absolutely necessary information is revealed.


Since the turn of this century, QuestCS has been evolving, innovating the best practices in the record retrieval and document management processing field. We’ve developed solid teams, equipped with unusually high capacity for critical analysis, understanding the industry, and independent, strategic thinking. This skill set, coupled with years of experience, these individuals are our most valuable company asset. They comprise an uncommonly stable company whose teams are reliably productive. Our professionals have all passed rigorous background checks, and are available full or part time.

Our Technology Stance

We believe so much in the power of technology to benefit and advance our work, that throughout the years, we’ve often been on the front lines of pioneering new applications. However, championing new technology doesn’t mean we overlook the fact that sometimes our best tool is still the human mind. Software is sometimes used to speed up labor-intensive processes, but due to the way data is originally entered, software can’t be relied upon to catch every instance. Our proprietary process eliminates issues software can not catch.